Auto Insurance

On the road where you need us most.

Personal service means dealing with an individual whose hand you can actually shake. Anything else is a poor substitute. An inexperienced telemarketer who you’ll never meet isn’t providing personal service. You know it and they know it.

If you’re buying your auto insurance from someone at the other end of an 800 number, you’re probably paying too much and getting too little. Too little coverage, too little personal attention and too few choices make for trouble in the event of a loss. A personal independent agent knows your risks, offers competitive options, and makes sure you and your family is protected against the risks you face on the road and in the driveway.

With their connections and knowledge of the market, agents can often find a better value for your insurance dollar than you might find searching on your own.  Agents do the shopping. You do the saving. They find you the right blend of price, coverage and service. 

If you have coverage questions or worse, need to report a claim, would you rather reach an automated recording or an actual person when you call your insurance provider? More and more companies have switched to automated systems, often making it difficult and time consuming to reach the right person. At First Newnan Insurance, we are your advocates and will handle these situations for you.