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Sometimes the unthinkable happens. If it does, you want the comfort of knowing that you have an extra layer of insurance helping to protect your financial future.


What if a neighbor falls in your backyard and severely injures himself or your teenager is at-fault in an auto accident that injures several people, or you are sued, and a substantial financial judgment is issued against you? Your home or auto policy can pay up to their policy limit, but what if your liability is more than those policies provide? In today’s society, you don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued like one.


Personal Umbrella Insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection beyond your auto or homeowners policies. A personal Umbrella provides broad coverage, additional peace of mind, at a reasonable cost that will surprise you. Many companies provide $1,000,000 in liability coverage for less than $150 per year.  Don’t let an unfortunate situation reduce your life’s earnings to nothing.  Call us today for a Personal Umbrella quote and take charge of protecting your future.